When author Misty Wyatt’s son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of five, she couldn’t understand what that diagnosis would mean for her family’s lives. She began writing goals as a way to release stress and to focus on the positive rather than the challenges they faced. Although her goals were written for one situation, others found that these goals also spoke to them and their different circumstances. Thus, Misty Reflections and Daily Meditations was born.

The author dedicates this book to anyone who feels like life is getting the better of them and who feel like there’s no solution in sight. But it is also for those who feel they have it all together yet sometimes still feel alone. Misty Reflections and Daily Meditations will take readers on a journey based on purpose, through an understanding of things seen and unseen. Wyatt encourages people to find inspiration within themselves through viewing day-to-day items taken for granted—such as a bouncing ball, or a butterfly—as gifts. If they see the world as a gift, then their life will become more peaceful and meaningful.


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